Meeting & Conference

Meeting Hall Features

If you are looking to organise  a conference, workshop, board meeting or event in Addis Ababa, Capital Hotel and Spa can provide you with the best services in the city.  Our seven conference and event halls, each named after famous Africans, are convenient for business meetings and  a variety of other events.

To make sure your event is flawless, each of our halls is equipped with the following features:

  • Built-in speaker system
  • Wired/wireless and tie-microphones with a state-of-the art audio support system
  • Table headphones to interpret into two languages for 90 participants
  • Audio recording facilities
  • Dimmable lighting systems with different themes for presentations
  • Fully controllable air conditioning
  • Built in Fire/Smoke detectors and water sprinklers
  • Nearby floor socket outlets in each meeting room
  • Emergency lights
  • UPS source power outlets for comfortable use in case of power interruptions
  • Soundproof double-glazed windows
Venue Name Area Max Capacity
RIVER NILE 452.5 Sq.m 700 people
AFEWORK TEKLE 180.4 Sq.m 180 people
SKYLINE 141 Sq.m 150 people
WANGARI MAATHIA 65.3 Sq.m 50 people
TEKEZE 64 Sq.m 75 people
OMO 63 Sq.m 75 people
AWASH SALON 62 Sq.m 75 people
WOLE SOYNKA 29.1 Sq.m 20 people
NELSON MANDELA 28.4 Sq.m 20 people

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